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Unlike Flowmaster, most other muffler manufacturers-Original Equipment
and Aftermarket-rely upon ceramic, fiberglass or steel fibers, baffling and
backprussure to asorb sound.  Not only do these materials degrade over
time and lose efficiency, they cannot provide the performance increases 
available with Flowmaster muffler.                                                        

While you sat in your high school physics class, it probably never occurred
to you that the concepts taught there could increase the power and per-  
formance of your car's engine.  But that's exactly what Flowmaster is all   

Flowmaster's patented technology uses the pressure and sound energy     
released from an engine's combustion chamber into the exhaust system     
to create a low pressure area between exhaust pulses that helps scavenge,
or pull, spent gases out of each cylinder-more efficiently than even an open
pipe system.                                                                                           

By helping to pull exhaust gases out of the cylinders more efficiently, more
fresh, unburned fuel and air can fill the cylinder for the next cycle.  The     
result is improved power, as the engine has a purer mixture to burn, and   
improved fuel economy as less fuel is now required to achieve the same   
level of performance.                                                                             

In addition to performance gains, Flowmaster mufflers produce a unique
sound.  This is created by Flowmaster's patented noise cancellation       
system, where exhaust sound energy is split and directed through slightly
different paths.  Where the paths merge, the two parts of the sound        
energy are out of phase, creating noise cancellation, much as two ripples
colliding in a pond create a flat surface on the water.                             

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