K&N Stock Replacement Filters

For the service-minded consumer, utilizing the stock air filtration system is easiest so K&N manufactures exact replacement air filter elements to fit in place of the factory filter. Dimensions are held to minimum acceptable tolerances to insure a perfect fit inside the stock air box. Molded rubber sealing surfaces, edges and/or end caps combined with our unique pleated cotton gauze medium creates a filter that is so durable we warrant it for ONE MILLION MILES or 10 years. And, K&N original equipment replacement filters are emissions legal in all 50 states.

Street engines are exposed to the same risks as racing engines but for a longer period of time. In this application, a permanent, high performance air filtration system must be durable enough to last the lifetime of the vehicle as it travels through any and all driving conditions.

Installing a K&N Filtercharger in place of a original equipment or aftermarket paper filter removes the restriction which then allows the engine to inhale all of the air it can physically use. Increasing the amount of air available to the engine promotes performance since oxygen in the air is a necessary ingredient for combustion. If you have a computer controlled fuel injected car, the computer will automatically add the right amount of fuel to compensate for the additional air. If your engine is carbureted, more often than not, no adjustment will be necessary. However, for competitive motorsport, it may be necessary to re-calibrate the carburetor to achieve optimum performance.

The amount of performance gain varies from vehicle to vehicle. A small displacement four cylinder engine may only realize a two or three horsepower gain while it isn't uncommon for a 350 cubic inch V-8 to gain 10 horsepower or more. The greater the restriction created by the stock paper element, the greater the performance gain when you switch to a K&N filter.

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