Bob's Muffler Mandrel Bent Power Systems

Bob's Muffler is one of the few muffler shops in The United States, and the only muffler shop in Kern County with a mandrel bender.  Ever wonder why every muffler shop doesn’t offer mandrel bending?  Simple, the equipment & tooling required to mandrel bend tubing is very expensive. We at Bob's Muffler have a commitment to offer the absolute best in exhaust systems at the most affordable cost possible. Our custom made tooling allows us to produce a product that will give you the most power possible.

Pipes are critical to high performance.  Bob's Muffler offers mandrel bends for better flow versus stock.  All-aluminized or stainless materials gives them a longer lasting sharper appearance.

The improved flow that comes from a mandrel bent pipe makes Bob's Muffler pipes, and systems superior.  The mandrel bending process maintains a constant inside diameter, even through pipe bends.  Flow area remains consistent, increasing flow more than 35% compared to stock, serrated bent pipes.

Bob's Muffler gives you a choice of standard bent or mandrel bent pipes.  Mig welding or gas welding. Steel, aluminized, stainless steel, and titanium tubing. We can mandrel bend 13/4", 2", 21/4", 21/2", 3", and 4" tubing.  No other muffler shop can give you that many choices.

To reduce the backlog of mandrel bent jobs we now have 4 mandrel benders to better serve you.  Our newest bender has custom made quick change tooling, what use to take over an hour can now be done in less than 10 minutes.  Due to the increased volume we are able to pass the saving on to you, our customers.  Our other new bender is a 13800 pound large capacity bender designed for large diameter tubing, we can custom bend your diesel system the right way.  Why buy an expensive kit that is chopped up so it will fit in a box, our systems are custom bent from start to finish to fit your application.  Bob's Muffler systems will outflow the competition.  Give us a call and check out our new lower prices.

Stock. At bends in stock pipes, the reduced flow area of 2.5 sq. in. constricts exhaust flow. 

Mandrel. Mandrel bent pipes have a consistent flow area of 3.14 sq. in. to maximize exhaust flow.

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